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VRF Systems

As we specialize in HVAC Domain, provide VRF( Variable Refrigerant Flow) services to our clients on turnkey basis. We're leading VRF air conditioning manufactures and providing VRF air conditioning service all across India.

VRV / VRF is a modern and sophisticated technology which helps in reducing electricity consumption by regualting refrigerant flow of liquid. Hence, the machine performs efficiently according to human occupancy, oreintation, direction of sun, heat generating equipment with a pay back period of approximately three and half years.

Some of the Advantages of VRF System

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: VRF systems use less energy for several reasons. The system is designed to provide exactly the amount of cooling needed for the current conditions, which means it runs less frequently and at a lower capacity. The VRF system is also designed to capture heat from the cooling process and reuse it in other areas that may need heating.

QUIET OPERATION: In a VRF system, the noisier condensing unit is typically outside, and the indoor air handlers are smaller and quieter than a traditional split system.

CONSISTENT COMFORT: The VRF system’s compressor can detect the precise requirements of each zone, and send the precise amount of refrigerant needed to do the job. As a result, each area of your space is consistently comfortable with well-controlled humidity and no hot or cold spots.

LESS DOWNTIME: Since the VRF system is designed to run only when needed and under partial-load conditions, there is less wear and tear on the parts. That means fewer breakdowns. Also, if something goes wrong with one air handler, often the others are unaffected. That means your whole space won’t be without air conditioning all at once.

REQUIRES LESS SPACE: Since the air handlers are smaller and VRF systems don’t usually require ducts, they don’t require as much wall and ceiling space for the equipment. That means you get to keep those gorgeous high ceilings in your apartment.